Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Which means that I'm probably not going to type too much this post (we'll see if that actually happens).

It snowed!

I only had to work a half day. Yay! Also, this was not today. It was two Fridays ago.

I've had a lot of people say that they voted for me in the "Best Sporting Event" category of a contest.

This is most of the prize, besides a pen that was already in my purse when I took the picture. The pattern is for a beaded hat.

I finished the mittens for Grandmommie. She was asking about them the other day, so I'm glad they're done and ready to be sent out.

This hat and booties set will be going all the way to the Philippines. My friend Lilymae had a baby girl recently, so I had to knit her some accessories. I don't know if it'll ever be cold enough for her to wear them, but at least they're little and cute to keep as a memory.

I got my first skein from the Sunshine Yarns sock club. This one is called Sweet, and looks prettier in real life. I haven't figured out how to get yarn to actually look right when I take pictures. Although, I'm sure taking pictures during the day would probably help. I don't have many lights in my house.

I started Jaywalkers in the Riley sock yarn.

Then I unstarted them. These colors are actually pretty close to the true colors. The sock was coming out too small, and I wasn't really liking how the colors looked in that pattern. I restarted them in Monkey from knitty.com, and I really like how they're looking. The only problem is that I make crazy stupid mistakes (like changing the pattern in the middle of a round) when I knit late at night. So I've made a new rule: no knitting anything complicated after 10pm. I recently started a pair of basic socks for my dad, so those can be my later at night knitting. Since there's no pattern changing, I'd hope I wouldn't be able to mess them up too bad.

Anyway, school's crazy. I need to get started setting up an internship site for next year, which seems crazy. I'm still hoping that I can get an interim (meaning I get paid), but I've been told to not count on it. So, I've been thinking about what to do on the 2 days a week that I'm not in internship. Substitute teach? Get a part time job somewhere? See if I can pick up some clients/groups somewhere? I think I like the last option the best, considering it's in the same field. I guess I'll have to take it as it comes.

Riley goes to his second training class tomorrow. He did a really amazing job last week, so hopefully things will keep going in a positive direction.

I almost forgot. I bought more yarn. I tried to resist, but it just wasn't possible. The yarn's called "Julie Anne" and it's from RubySapphire at etsy. If you like yarn and want to have money, don't click on the link. Their yarns are beautiful, and they have great customer service. What more could you want?

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Sula said...

AHH! I clicked anyway, you devil!

(Just kidding! I mean, I did click, but how could anyone who directs me to pretty yarn be a devil??)

We got snow too! And I got a day & a half off of school- unprecedented in my time here and amazingly wonderful.

Love Jaywalkers, love the Odessa hat, haven't tried "Monkey," love your grandmother's mittens.