Saturday, July 29, 2006

Yarn sale!

Today started a little later than I would've liked. I've done a good job lately of getting up around 8:30ish, but today I couldn't seem to get out of bed. This morning I watched some shows on my TiVo (and yes, some of them were Matlock) and knitted on my dishrag. I've finished two different types of the patterns from the Mason-Dixon book.

I really like the ones with two colors, and they're really easy to make. I've decided that I'm going to use that technique to make placemats for my table. It looks kinda plain by itself (although it usually ends up covered with stuff), and this is some easy mindless knitting that will spruce it up. So...that means yarn shopping! Michaels was having a $1 sale on the Sugar and Cream yarn that is perfect for this project (cotton and washable!), so I stocked up.

These two color sets will be for the summer. I realize now that I probably should've put the striped ones in front, but oh well. I love how bright they are!

These two colorways will be used for winter. I found two different greens at Hobby Lobby that seem to fit these, as well as a really pretty purple/blue/pink skein. I only had 10 min at Hobby Lobby before they closed (who closes at 8pm?), so hopefully that'll all work out.

This is for Spring. I think I found more Spring type stuff at Hobby Lobby, but I wasn't so concerned in the few minutes I had to grab and go. Plus, spring's a ways away, so it can hold for a bit. I have no idea what I'll do for fall, which is coming up. I'd love some orangy-red stuff, but I didn't see anything like that. Maybe I can find some online. I also want to say that some of these look better in person than on the photos.

So, there's my obsessive yarn purchasing. I don't really feel bad though, because it was so inexpensive. Oh, and everyone's getting washcloths for Christmas. There are some cute mitered ones I'd like to try...

For those here from the Mason-Dixon KAL, welcome! I'm still new to the blogging thing. If you'd like to do some reciprocal blogging linkage, send me an e-mail at julieanneknits AT gmail DOT com. =)

Other Stuff for Today
Besides my excited yarn purchase, I went to visit my friend Jana at Hollywood Video. I bought 5 VHS tapes for around $8. I got a Cookie Monster songs tape, Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Train, and two Blue's Clues. This makes me ridiculously excited, because there are now new movies to watch at Daycare! Since it's been so hot lately, we run out of stuff to do inside. We usually kill a little time watching a movie when we can't go outside. I've seen Sesame Street Fiesta! about 100 times. I was hoping to find some Wiggles tapes, but unfortunately I didn't see any. The Wiggles are popular, and the kids sit still for a decent amount of time and sing the songs.

After yarn shopping but before video shopping, Riley and I went to the dog park. He ran around a good deal, so that made me happy. It sometimes seems like he has a hard time getting started running around and actually playing with the other dogs. Maybe he's more like me than I realized. =)

Plans for Tomorrow
Tomorrow will probably be a knitting day, just hanging out around the house. Scott was busy today, but he'll probably be over tomorrow. We have a deal where he plays his football game and I knit. It works out quite well.


Gatorfan01 said...

Love your color choices. I bought some of the same colors last night but didn't think to "match" them up the way you did! Thanks for the inspiration.


Tokyo Knitter said...

your warshcloths are really cute! i like the colors.

Dee said...

I went to Michael's yesterday too. I bought many of the same colors you did. :-)

Love the blue/purples the best.

But, I bought the hot pink/orange set just for fun. That ought to add some spunk to the kitchen.

bethc said...

I like your colors... I suspect I have most of them in some bag or other stashed out of DH's sight! Good deal on the tapes, as the mom of a 3-year-old Blue's Clues is big around here.