Monday, August 07, 2006

A little bit of everything

Since my last update, I've been working on presents for Scott's mom, as well as Coronet from Knitty.

These are dishcloth things, and will *hopefully* match Scott's family's new kitchen. I haven't seen it yet, but supposedly it's brown and khaki colored. I actually didn't notice that there was a slight pattern thing going on in the towel until I took a picture of it. I still don't see it in the towel itself, unless I look at it in a picture. I worked on the cloth (in the back) while I was babysitting baby Sam last Friday.

Here's the brim of Coronet. I attempted to graft it together, but it looked all wonky. I then decided to look at the pattern (um, yeah, I was backwards) and realized that I'd knit one row too many. So...out came the graft (boo). Somehow I got a stitch screwed up, and one side only has 16 stitches while the other end has 17. I stumped Shelia at Threaded Bliss, so I'm just going to graft two stitches together to make it match. It's not in any rush though, considering how hot it is here. I don't think it's quite winter hat time.

Still no internship site. I cannot even really say more than that, because it royally ticks me off as well as stresses me out to think on it more. The good news is that I've decided that I'm going to double track. So, once this year is over, I'll have one extra semester where I'll finish up the school track of the program I'm in. I think this will be a really good decision, and will open more doors for potential jobs. I'm really hoping that I can find a paid internship for that extra semester, but that's kinda a stretch. They do come up though, so it might happen. I really can't believe I start classes in about two weeks. That's so crazy!

On Saturday I decided that I'd take advantage of the tax-free weekend and buy some tennis shoes. Since I've started walking at night, I wanted some shoes that were actually more appropriate than my boot-type tennis shoes, old cheerleading shoes, or flip flops. I went to Green Hills and had to park about as far away as humanly possible. The good thing about the trip is that I was in and out in about 10 minutes. The women's shoes in my size (or as close as possible) weren't really my style, so that narrowed my choices down dramatically. I ended up getting some New Balance shoes that are gray with red accents. They were only $34.95, as opposed to the women's shoes which were about $100 more.

Riley and I have been walking about a mile and a half every night. It's not much, but that's about all I can stand before it gets either too humid or too dark. I refuse to walk after it gets too dark because the people in my complex drive like crazy people. I really don't like having to dive onto the grassy areas pulling the dog behind me because someone didn't bother to follow the speed limit. It's too scary to walk like that knowing that if I don't react fast enough, it could mean bad things for Riley. So, we walk at dusk and try not to sweat too much. I think he likes the walks, except he's tired afterwards. Tonight he decided that he wanted to roll in the grass of some of the houses we were passing. I was walking along, and all of a sudden I felt dead weight. When I looked back, Riley was flopped out on his back. Here's a pic of what Riley does in the grass, as well as what he does every time he sees people. This is the pose he took the other day, when Scott and I were watching TV (and obviously not paying enough attention to Riley).
This is the "You need to rub my belly right now" pose.

This is my random picture of the day. This happened a few days ago when I was making popcorn (obviously). I've never had this happen, and it seemed quite odd. I think this occurred when the bag got pushed to the back of the microwave and didn't spin correctly. Still, I've never had the popcorn actually rip the bag open. This bag got thrown away and I made more. I also realized tonight that if I rub popcorn salt on Scott's face, Riley with try to lick it off. I enjoyed this for awhile. =) I've also found out recently that Riley likes apples (but not Granny Smith ones...must be too sour).

Plan for Tomorrow
Tomorrow I plan on knitting, as well as getting bloodwork done. Hopefully it'll show something about my thyroid, so we can decide what to do next. Tomorrow night Scott and I are going with our friends Julie and Jana to see Smackdown/ECW. It should be a fun show. I'm hoping Scott feels better tomorrow so he can actually enjoy the show.

Bad thing for the day...
One of my kids at daycare screamed for an hour. Today was the first day I've ever hated my job. But, one really bad day out of a year and a half isn't too bad. I'll take it. =)

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