Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Since my last post, I've actually finished a few things. I still haven't dealt with the brim from Coronet, although I probably should. My socks are also hanging out in the bag. I did finish the presents for Scott's mom. I also finished another ball band washcloth from the Mason-Dixon book. I'll post a pic of that one (and its inverse) a little later. I also bought yarn today to make Scott's mom's hat for Christmas. The colors are kinda muted for Tech colors (and this isn't exactly a very good color picture), but I think they'll work ok. It's *so* hard to try and match college colors. I hope this hat turns out the way it seems to look in my head. =)


Riley is a scraggly crazy boy. He got a bath and brushing today, and proceeded to roll all over the floor as soon as he got home. At least he wasn't outside in the mud. =) Tomorrow morning he'll be getting his head done at Miss Kitty's. It'll be nice to see his eyes again. These pictures are from yesterday, when his hair went everywhere after he rolled around on the floor growling. He makes me laugh so much.
I really can't believe that I have exactly one week until classes start. Wow. The good part is that I *do* have an internship! I'm going to be working at Goodlettsville Middle School in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. My mom actually went to high school in the building where the middle school is, so that's kinda cool. It's a little bit out of the way, but it's supposed to be a really good site. After my experience last semester when my supervisor couldn't even remember my name, a good supervisor would be a very nice thing. I don't know my schedule or exactly what I'll be doing yet, but I should be able to visit out there before classes start next Wednesday. Yay for finally having a placement! We're also planning lots for the retreat that'll be next Thursday night. I think it'll go well (or at least better than ours did).

Medical Stuff
So all my bloodwork came back normal last week. So, that means I can't blame my tiredness on the thyroid anymore. Riley and I are still walking a lot, and I'm doing pilates on the other days. I bought a new video and a mat today. The video was definitely harder than my other one, which is definitely good. So hopefully things will get better, especially since I'm going to be crazy busy.

I guess I'm going to go bind off the other washcloth and watch some TV. Oh, I bought Season 4 of Charmed today, so I plan on watching that soon. Scott's going to be in Illinois pretty much all of September, so (if I don't finish it before then) it'll keep me busy while he's gone. I wish I could go to Illinois too, but there's no way I will be able to get off work (I'm switching to Fridays) in time to go. *Maybe* if I get put in the earlier internship session I could work on Wednesdays. I don't know. I guess I'll just see how it works out. Either way, we'll live. Now, off to knit!

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