Sunday, August 20, 2006


Tonight I created a dogster page. Basically, it's like myspace for dogs. To get to Riley's (and friend, me, too!) you can either click on the link on the sidebar (in the future), or just go HERE.
This week's actually been pretty busy. I got new jeans, so my mom hemmed those for me this weekend. Yay for new (smaller!) clothes! I took Riley to get a bath on Wednesday and groomed on Thursday. The grooming didn't go so well. Two of the things I asked for weren't done when I picked him up, but I was charged for them. They did them both in about a second once I pointed it out. I went back on Friday and complained, because he still had hair in his eyes. That's the reason I took him there in the first place, and I really wanted them to at least do a decent job. The good thing is that I got half my money back, and the grooming manager will fix Riley on Monday. His eyes are uneven, as well as his ears. Now, I'm not a groomer, but come on. It should be obvious when something's totally lopsided. I'm hoping Julie's groomer handstrips, and that it'll be cheaper than going to Miss Kitty's. I'd go somewhere else, if I knew anywhere else in the area that did stripping. I just don't think it's good business when the owner is stressed and nervous all day because they don't know if things will be done right when they pick their dog up.

I gave Scott's mom her knitted articles (washcloth/potholder/washrag) yesterday. She really liked them, which is good. My mom saw them, and all of a sudden wanted me to knit her some, too. =) When I told her about it I don't think she really understood what I meant until she saw it. They're actually really cute (I think), and easy and inexpensive. I'm going to try to make one or two to go in the houses my dad sells, as a little gift thing to the new owner. That just kinda depends on how much time I have and how fast he sells the houses.
On Thursday I went back to Threaded Bliss to get some different yarn for the VA Tech hat. The orange I bought wasn't nearly orange enough. Luckily, there was a color that's about as close as I'll get in the same yarn that I'd already bought, so I only had to buy one skein instead of two. I actually like the first orange I's more of a rusty red/orange fallish color. I'm sure I can find something to do with it.

Since the wrestling show was cancelled tonight, Scott and I invited Julie and Jana over to hang out. We went to eat at Applebee's, then came back and watched a movie. It was something about a mirror mask, and was based on a story by Neil Gaiman. I fell asleep in the middle (typical), but I caught the gist of it. It was pretty odd though. After the movie we played Cranium. That was way fun. Scott and I lost, partly because he couldn't guess my acting (even though it was incredible) and partly because I know nothing about pop culture. I had to act out the word magnetism, and somehow Scott ended up guessing "porno movie!" Yeah...definitely on different wavelengths there. (For those wondering, I was trying to get him to X-Men, and then to me sitting in the magnetic spinner thing. Obviously, it didn't work.) I definitely want to play that game again. It was a ton of fun.

Not sure what's on the plan for tomorrow. It may be a lazy knitting/watching Season 4 of Charmed, or Scott and I might go to Hooters to watch the WWE pay-per-view with Julie and Jana. I'm good with either, although there might be a problem if there's a two item minimum at the PPV. There's really nothing at Hooters that I can eat, especially because I went out earlier this week (and because Monday is my day when I check how much I weigh, and I don't want to screw that up). I think I should probably work on door tags for the retreat so I won't be doing that on Wednesday night. It shouldn't be hard, but I just have to do it.
Now that it's almost 1:30am, I should probably head to bed. It got late before I even realized it. I'll try and post pics of Riley on Monday after he looks all better.

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