Monday, August 21, 2006

Look at my handsome boy...

After Riley went to Miss Kitty's on Thursday, this is the stance he decided to take when I got the camera. Obviously he wasn't in the mood.
This has got to be one of my new all time favorite pictures. This was taken on my bed, because I couldn't go to sleep because of groomer irritation. He does look better than he did in the pics I posted before the groom, but he still has hair in his eyes. But hey, it let me get a cute pic!
This is another one that was taken on my bed. I think he wanted me to leave him alone so he could sleep.

And *this* is my handsome boy after the groomer fixed him up today. Unfortunately he got into his water before I could take his picture, but I got him before he rubbed his head everywhere. As soon as I snapped this picture he jumped up and started pushing his head on the floor and rolling around like a crazy dog. He looks really nice. Rita (the groomer) trimmed his head for free, since I wasn't happy with it. I also had her touch up his back with the stripping. I think I've about decided that I'm going to get his back stripped, and just scissor his head (and maybe legs). Because all the hair on Riley's head is soft (and therefore old), it would all have to be pulled out in order for a new wiry coat to grow in. While it doesn't bother him on his back, that doesn't sound like it'd be too fun on his head. Also, he'd be pretty naked for awhile. I do think I'm going to try and get some little fingertip things and try to do his legs (and maybe some of his head) myself. Maybe if I can strip enough to keep him non-scraggly then I can get his new coat to grow. I guess we'll see. Either way, he's a good looking little boy. =)

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