Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm an intern, but unfortunately there's no George O'Malley...

Today was my second day of internship. I'll do a quick recap of the days.
Day 1 (Yesterday)--I acutally got up earlier than I needed to so I could walk Riley. By "walk" I mean 30 minutes, not a potty walk. I was really proud of myself. I headed off to school, and realized that traffic on I-24 is crap. It took me 19 minutes to drive what usually takes me 5 or less. I really hate that road, because people are all weaving and trying to get good position and such. I just try to stay in the right lane and get past it all. Once I got past the downtown split off, the road was absolutely clear. Not too much happened during the day. I basically followed Tara around and learned a bit about what goes on. Right now they've got lots of schedule stuff, so I can't do much to help with that. I also sharpened pencils that are used for their standardized tests. I met with one student, and that might be a potential client (woo!). I was late to class due to traffic. Boo. Oh, I also wore new shoes that gave me 3 blisters in the matter of a few hours. I switched to flip flops, and probably won't wear those shoes again.
Day 2 (Today)--Today I tried to get up and walk Riley, but it didn't happen. I had a training meeting at 8am, so I had to get up a little earlier than "normal" (what will be come normal) anyway. The training class was pretty pointless for me. I thought it would be more general about what counselors do and such, but it wasn't. ost of it was geared towards computer stuff, and requirements for being in one class or another, etc. Basically, it was a lot of stuff that I won't be doing during my internship. So, I left during the break. I did meet someone that knew my cousin Stan, and used to go to church with my aunt and uncle (Rebecca, that's you). So I headed out to school and spent about 2 hours working on getting TCAP scores into the 6th grade files. There are a lot of 6th graders at this school. After lunch I shredded papers, watched as Tara went through new student files, and sharpened more pencils. A student came in right before I left, so I got to observe that, too. I wasn't late to class today, because I found a different way to get to Vandy. Hurray.
So things seem to be going well at internship. It's slow right now, but that's to be expected during the first few weeks. I have high hopes that it will be a really good experience. Let's hope I'm right!

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