Saturday, August 26, 2006


So, the retreat went really well. I'm so glad, because a lot of us spent a lot of time planning it and trying to make it better than last year's. I had a few food issues (namely my hot pocket getting wet in the cooler) but I did really well considering. And the pie? It was soooo good. I knew it would be though. The best part is that it's pretty rich, so one piece was all I wanted anyway, and there was no temptation for other sugar stuff. I had 3 people ask me for the recipe, and they had no idea it was a Weight Watchers recipe. It's definitely going to be my new "Hey, I need to take something to a party" food. It's so easy, and way good. I was really excited people asked for the recipe, because I'm not a big cooking/kitchen person.
Anyway, on Thursday we left early to get everything set up. We spent time eating lunch, and talking in our mentor/mentee groups. We spent the day in Sewanee, which was pretty neat. We went to a little coffee shop called the Blue Chair. I got a Pinky Flamingo Smoothie, which had lemonade, strawberries, and frozen yogurt in it. The best part about it had to be the straw. =) We also found out that the Blue Chair sponsors a place called the Blue Monarch, which helpes abused women and their children. The women there learn how to make the pastries that were sold in the shop, and other things for job placements. It was really neat that we were helping support that group.
Yesterday was my first day to go by my internship site. Communication between the Vandy people hasn't been the best, so I decided to just call up the school and hope I could get in touch with Tara (my on-site supervisor). When I talked to her (around noon), she said that a meeting had already been set up for us at 2pm that day. I was *really* glad I called, because no one got the message to me that this meeting was set up. The good part was that she was already planning on meeting with me, and the time worked. I really like the two counselors there, and I think it's going to be a really good fit for all of us. She hasn't supervised anyone in awhile, but it won't be hard for her to be better than my last supervisor. I haven't seen much of the school, but they have a nice counseling office, and even have a room where I can do my individual sessions. We'll see how things go, but at this point I'm excited about being there. I like this feeling, especially considering I dreaded going to my practicum last semester. After hearing what they do, I think I'll probably end up in a school as opposed to a community agency. I was really disappointed that Daystar wasn't taking interns, but now I really think it worked out for the best. I'd still love to be connected with them in some way down the road (maybe summer sessions or something), but I think job wise I'll be happier in a school. This also means that I am definitely doing the extra semester at Vandy. I'll still graduate with my community track in May, and then I'll finish up the school track in December. I'm starting now to cross my fingers for a paid internship for that fall (or maybe an early job placement that will count as internship...that would be awesome). At this point I'm just really excited that I have more of a direction on what I really want to do. Hopefully this internship will cement that in my head.
Tonight I'm going to babysit for baby Sam again. He's a really cute kid and is easy to sit for, so I'm excited. It'll be nice to have that extra money, and it'll give me a chance to get some knitting done (because he'll go to sleep early).
I guess that's it for now. School's going to get crazy pretty soon. My DSM class is going to be a lot of work, and I have a big paper in there that'll be 30% of my grade. I still need to get the syllabi from two other classes, but hopefully those assignments will stagger a little. I just need to make it through this semester.

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