Monday, September 04, 2006

I will be laboring on labor day

So today is labor day. Woohoo. I still have to go to class, so I'm not as thrilled about the day as others may be.
I just got back from walking Riley, and figured I should update. We actually didn't get too much walking done, because we were stopped by 3 people to chat. Now, I enjoyed it (as did Riley), it just took longer than normal to go less distance than normal. While we were out it got hot, so we decided to come in and finish the walk later tonight.
So this weekend was a shopping extravaganza. Because of the sales, I was able to get a whole bunch of clothes that were discounted. I got lots of stuff for internship, and some everyday stuff as well. I actually found dress pants that fit really well. I was shocked. I bought a brown pair and a black pair, and would've gotten a gray pair if they'd had my size. I'm really glad I was able to get new stuff, because I only had a few days worth of nice clothes. I also got new shoes, which I'm really excited about. I have such a hard time finding shoes to fit, but this weekend I got 3 new pair! They were all flip-flop type, but a little nicer so I can wear them to internship.
I have pics that I need to post, but I haven't gotten around to adding them to the computer. I knitted a lot this weekend, and got started on Scott's mom's hat. I ended up having to start over after knitting about an inch and a half. Oh well. When I started over I did a different ribbing, which I like better anyway. Pictures will come on that later.
Now, I think it's time to eat, shower, and make sure I didn't have anything due for class today. Then maybe I'll knit some more and try not to stress about how busy my weeks are.

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