Saturday, October 07, 2006

This is the hat that never ends...

I have finally conquered one of my knitting monstrosities. I have no idea why this hat became a monstrosity, but it did. I've been wearing it for most of the night because I'm so glad it's done. The yarn is Cascade 220. It's more purple in person. The flash on my camera tends to wash things out. (And yes, I am wearing clothes in that pic. It just happens to be a camisole, and my hair just happens to be long enough and in the right place so you can't see the straps. Oh well.)
I have also re-started on Grandmommie's sweater using a different yarn. This time I'm using GOA, which is a German yarn. Pretty cool, since my last name's German. The yarn is 50% cotton, 50% acrylic. Now, I usually tend to stay away from the "a" word (being a yarn snob and all), but this sweater needs to have minimal care since Grandmommie lives in a nursing home. This yarn can be washed in the washing machine if it needs to be, which is a plus. It also was on major sale back when Threaded Bliss was having their crazy 2 year anniversary sale. I got a bag of 10 balls for a little under $40. It's squishy, and feels good to work with. It's also fat, and seems to be knitting up quickly. I hope to document the sweater ball by ball. I started and finished the first one today. It's going to be my watching TV knitting for the most part, since a lot of it is just plain stockinette. I really hope I can have it finished by Christmas!

School is still good and crazy. I totally slept through (or forgot to set) my alarm last week, which was bad. I really like what I'm doing, so that's good. I also saw a pay scale last week, which made me really excited. It's more than I expected, and if all goes well then I could be making real money at a real job next August!

So on Sept. 28 I came home and heard a meowing outside my door. Instead of coming in and making dinner like I planned, I spent the night trying to figure out what to do about a skittish orange kitty that was outside my door. The cat wouldn't come up to me, and would kinda run away if I moved too much. It did come up to me and rub its head on my finger, which made me happy. I finally decided that I would try and get it to come inside (while Scott and Riley waited in my room), have my dad come get it, and see if he could keep it for a few days. Long story short, I finally got the kitty inside and then into the cat carrier. It was really hungry, so I gave it some cottage cheese (and cat food, once my dad brought some). I was hoping to find a home for it, but I was told that the kitty took off when the door was open (one of my dad's renters was keeping it). It's too bad I didn't get to find a home, but I'm hoping someone else finds it and gives it a home. I did what I could. I was convinced it was a girl, but I really have no idea (which is why I was calling the kitty "it").

In other news, Riley is still his crazy self. He's sitting on the couch behind me right now (I'm sitting on the floor) and periodically sticks his nose in my ear. He likes to "help" when I knit, too. This usually consists of him lying right in the middle of my lap (where my yarn is) or lying right by my legs. It's really funny, because he twitches if the yarn or a needle touches him while he's sleeping. This happens fairly often, too. I need to see if I can get a pic of him when he's being my knitting buddy.
In Weight Watchers news, I've lost 12 pounds. I have my next weigh in on Monday, and I'm hoping that I've lost another pound. I'm really close to my 10% mark, which is the first really big WW goal. But if I don't get it this week, there's always next! I'm really glad I decided to do this. I feel so much better physically and mentally after losng that 12 pounds. Only 16 more to go!

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tammy said...

Hat looks brilliant! Just in time for the impending cold weather too, bravo.