Sunday, October 29, 2006

Busy, busy

I found my cell phone the day after I lost it, which was a great relief. I felt really naked without it.

I had a pretty busy social weekend this weekend. Friday night I went to a Japanese restaurant for Anna's bachelorette party (she's in my grad program). I had udon, which always makes me happy. We sat around and talked for awhile, and had lots of fun. I didn't go out with them afterwards, partly because that's not my thing, and partly because Scott and I had plans to go to Rocky. The show was ok, but I was pretty tired. I saw someone else knitting, and I made extra sure to point out to Scott that I wasn't the only person that carries knitting around with them.

On Wednesday I headed out to Threaded Bliss to pick up some yarn for warshcloths and for Grandmommie's sweater. I've slacked off on the sweater a little bit due to work and wedding shower knitting. It's still in the plan to finish (hopefully!) before Christmas. I was the only customer at the yarn store, and I ended up staying until closing chatting with Shelia and David. I really like going in there, and wish I had more time to go hang out during their Stitch 'n Bitch. Maybe that'll be possible next semester. I did manage to finish one warshcloth for Anna's wedding shower (on Saturday), so that was good. The other one is in progress.

On Thursday Scott surprised me with a video game. He bought The Sims: Pets for me, and I'm definitely addicted. I made myself and Riley, and the real Riley stared at the screen and growl-barked at his 3-D self. It was pretty funny. Scott tried to take a pic, but it didn't work. I've definitely played it more this week than I should, and it's been an easy distraction from the papers I should've been working on.

Today I went to the flea market (not flee market, like they have in Illinois) with Riley, Julie and Jana. I got some stuff for my dad, as well as a candle that smells like coffee. That's the second candle from this seller, and it smells soooo good. Riley did really well, too. I like having him in high traffic areas, because it helps me know what I need to work on with him. He did very well, and probably just needs more experience in those situations. After I got home I took a nap. My mom came over a little later, and we went to OpryMills to search for a dress for this Friday. I'm going to Scott's office's 50th anniversary party, and it's really formal. I luckily found a dress that I really like, and it was 50% off. I also managed to find a necklace, earrings, and hair clips to match. I have so little dress up stuff that I have to get everything when I have a special occasion. I think it'll look nice though, which is all that matters.

A House marathon is on right now, which makes me want to stay up until it's over (even though I can tivo it). I'm really tired tonight, and I figure part of that is because of the time change. It's amazing how much an hour can really throw off my schedule. I'm probably going to head to bed now and take advantage of the fact that I'm tired at a normal hour.

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