Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving already?

So the month of November has gone crazy fast. I really can't believe tomorrow's Thanksgiving.

So Riley had his Delta Society screening on the 19th. He was a very good boy, and did a good job with all of his obedience stuff. Our screener said that we had good communication and a good relationship. I heard another screener say, "Oh, we've got a cute team over here." So, hopefully all that's going in our favor. There is enough room for 14 dogs, and there were 19 dogs that were at the screening that day. I was surprised though, because the other 4 dogs I saw were all big dogs...a German Shepherd, a Great Dane, a Rottweiler, and another bigger black and brown dog. Riley was by far the smallest dog there, but he didn't seem to mind. He was wanting to play with the big dogs. =) The German Shepherd growled at Riley, which makes me wonder if it's appropriate as a therapy dog. Anyway, we're supposed to get a phone call next week-ish to let us know if we made it in the class. Oh, and my screener also said that she could tell that I really wanted to do it, and that that was 90-95% of it. I'll be disappointed if we don't get in, but there's always next time. I'll just get him some extra training so he'll do even better for the next session. He's still really young, too, which just makes me prouder that he can do so well while he's still a baby. I guess we'll see! *crosses fingers*

School has been absolutely crazy. I've finally gotten a handle on all the work I have due, thanks to getting some things moved. Today I wrote a 5 page paper about the ethics of using IQ tests to determine intelligence based on nature versus nurture. Um, yeah. If someone had told me a few years ago that I'd be writing a five page paper in a day and not be overly stressed about it during the writing, I'd have not believed it. I'm glad it's easier to get big papers done though. Only an annotated bibliography, an 8 page paper, a take home exam, an in-class exam, a presentation, and a reaction paper left! I've already written 6 of 8 articles for the bibliography, finished the presentation, and done one of 4 of the sections for the reaction paper. I'm soooo ready for this semester to be over. I knew it would be hard, and it didn't disappoint. Next semester I'll only have 9 hours, and 3 of those will be over after the 6th week of class. I do have comps though, which won't be fun. I have my readers/graders for my comps and my special topic decided on, so that should help. The annotated bibliography is for comps, so even though I don't want to do it it'll help me in the long run.

Weekend Plans
On to something exciting that's not school related! This weekend I'm heading to Virginia Tech for their rivalry game versus UVA. I've been wanting to go up there, and I'm glad I'm finally getting the chance. I'm hoping it's not too cold though. I've heard the campus is beautiful, and I can't wait to see it. Besides going out to eat and going to the game, I don't know what else the plans are. There's probably not time for much, considering we're driving on Friday and Sunday and the game is on Saturday. Even still, it'll be nice to have a mini vacation.

Christmas Presents!
I got some early Christmas presents from Scott's mom, so I could use them at the game. I picked out some Uggs and a Northface jacket that'll help me stay warm. Even though I never wanted Uggs and thought they were ugly (hence the name), I managed to find some dark brown ones that really don't look bad. They're way comfortable, too. So those will be keeping my feet warm. My jacket is purple and white, and has a liner that I can zip out and wear separately if I want. It's definitely the nicest jacket (and most expensive) that I've ever had, and I plan on wearing it for a long long time.

Other stuff
I also recently bought an ipod, which I love. I decided to cash in my points on the credit card, and had saved up $250. That was more than enough to buy a 4gb ipod nano. I got a white one, because I really like how clean it looks, and because the metallic ones are a little too bright for my taste. Anyway, I've discovered podcasts, which are awesome. I've also enjoyed listening to harp music while I'm reading or writing a paper.
Another exciting purchase I made recently was a new pair of skinny jeans. They're a little more than 2 sizes smaller than I was wearing in July when I started Weight Watchers. I say a little more because they're a petite size, and those tend to be a little smaller than regular sizes.
I'm still knitting every now and then, but I haven't had much time lately. I have made it to the first sleeve of Grandmommie's sweater. I had to buy lots more yarn, but I should have enough now to finish it. Hopefully it'll be done before Christmas. I'd like to go out to Nebraska to see the family out there, but we'll have to see if that works out.
So, I guess that's about it. I don't have any pictures loaded up at the moment, but I should have lots after this weekend. I'll close with two pictures from today's date in 2004.

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