Monday, November 27, 2006

...for as long as all the liquor lasts, we'll drink to VPI!

So I'm back from a trip to Virginia for the VT vs UVA game. It was awesome, and I had a great time.

On the way up, I slept and listened to podcasts, so the drive wasn't that big a deal for me. We drove through campus (which was beautiful) on our way to the hotel. After we put our stuff up we headed to the bookstores. I saw a few sweatshirts I wanted, but unfortunately they didn't have my size. I did get a pin for the game, so I was happy. We headed to dinner at a place called Nerv. It definitely ranks up there with my worst restaurant experiences of all time. First of all, we had reservations, so I figure they should've known we were coming. An hour and a half (and 3 glasses of diet coke) later, our food finally came out. Of the 6 of us, I think only one was actually the temp it should be. My meat was warm enough that I didn't think I'd need to send it back for health reasons, but I did get a cold noodle here and there. We were afraid that if we sent it back that it would take forever for them to bring it back out. Basically, we were all starving and irritated by the time the food came. We headed back to the hotel, and ended up at the hotel bar place. It was pretty quiet, and we just sat around and talked. I didn't drink, of course, but it was fun to hang out with Scott, his brother, and his girlfriend.

Saturday we got up early so we could go tailgate. Scott and I walked to the site and got to see a bit of campus. We sat around and talked and ate, then headed in to the game. The game went really quickly, and we won. After the game we headed back out to tailgate until it got dark. We packed up, and headed to Sharkey's to get dinner and check out the scores of other games. I had some amazing french bread pizza. Scott and I ate and hung out for awhile, but we were both tired. We walked back to the hotel (yay exercise!) and watched the Notre Dame vs USC game before I decided that I was tired and went to sleep early.

Sunday basically consisted of driving, like Friday did. I got home, talked with my parents some, then headed home. Riley had a good time hanging out with my parents, and is absolutely exhausted now. He's been laying around and sleeping since I got home.

So that's about it. I still have a little over two weeks of classes left, with papers and such that go with it. I'm pretty caught up though, thanks to a few free days during Thanksgiving break. Once classes are over I just have to finish up my internship hours (as quickly as possible) and then I'm done with the hard semester! I can finally see the light at the end, and that's a great feeling. Once I finish with classes the crazy cleaning begins. Christmas is going to be at my house again, which means I have to clean the daylights out of it. I'm glad, because it needs it, but at the same time I hate doing it. Oh well. It'll be worth it in the end.

I got a 16 week charm at Weight Watchers today. I didn't realize they gave those, but it was something about helping to keep people motivated because people usually quit around the 3-4 month time. So that was a nice surprise.

I think I'm going to go finish re-watching Grey's Anatomy and then maybe start cleaning and get caught up on the Lime and Violet podcast. I'll leave with a few pics from the weekend.

Hokie Pokie Video
This is a link to the video I took of the tubas playing the Hokie Pokie. =)

And this is me with my knitting during the game. I'm entering it in a contest for "Best Sporting Event" that is held at a knitting blog by the Arizona Star. Voting opens December 1.
Other pics from the trip can be seen at my flickr account. =)

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Kristen said...

I'm making socks in the same colorway right now. How cosmic!