Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Step 2. Take training class

So I posted awhile ago about Step 1, which was to pass Riley's therapy dog screening test. Well, tonight I got the call asking if we wanted to be involved in the training class. Hurray!! I was sooo excited, and chased Riley around the house and snuggled him. He stood and watched me while I was talking, and could tell I was excited. The class starts on January 17. The first three classes will just be people, and then the dogs will come. They're also planning on taking some trips to the nursing home, and I'm really hoping I'll be able to do those. I have a weekend class next semester, so the days might conflict. Hopefully it'll all work out though. I'm definitely excited! I need to get my mom to make Riley some more bandanas. =)
Yesterday I took the only real final that I have this semester, and it was pretty bad. It was open book open note, and I had to look up probably 35 of the 39 multiple choice questions. It was ridiculous. I wrote one essay before class, but still ended up with 7 pages total for the 3 essay questions (typed, thank goodness). Now I only have one paper left, which is going to be about the treatment of a mental disorder. It's due on Monday, and I'm hoping to have it done early enough so I can go knit at the library early Monday afternoon. I'll get to knit with Ann! I also got my form for the NCC exam, which is going to be in April. It's a total multiple choice test, which I like. I usually do really well on those, and I'm hoping this won't be the exception. Usually Vandy people pass, which is good. I'm taking it less than a month after comps, so I should be all studied up and ready to go. It'll be cool to have a certification and have letters after my name.
I actually have a fairly busy social calendar in the next few weeks. Friday I'm going to Girls Night Out with some friends from work. Saturday I'm going to Marisa's wedding shower. Sunday I have a Chi Sigma meeting. Monday is knitting at the library. That next Saturday is Marisa's wedding. The weekend after that is family Christmas. In between all that, I need to finish my internship and clean the daylights out of my house. It has really gotten neglected this semester. I also want to knit a lot and watch movies. One of the teachers at my internship gave me a list of movies that I need to see, because my pop culture knowledge just isn't what it should be. So Scott and I are going to watch some of those over break.
I guess I should get going on my research. But before I do that, I have to post pics of my new yarn! At the daycare Christmas party last Friday, I got a skein of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn! I was really surprised and impressed, and it's really pretty. I have needles for it, and I plan on making Jaywalkers with it. The colors in the pic aren't quite true to's hard to make them look exact. The yarn is a deeper color, and more red than pink. Thanks to Sheila for helping pick it out!

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