Friday, December 08, 2006

Killing time

So I've got a little time before work, so I figured I'd update a bit. At this point I have one paper left. I was supposed to do a lot of work on it last night, but the internet was down. It's kinda hard to write a paper when all my sources are bookmarked internet sites. It was ok though, because I really didn't want to spend the night working on it anyway. =) I still have Saturday and Sunday and most of Monday to get it done, so I'm not too worried. Part of me wants to have a marathon writing session on Saturday and just finish it, so I can turn it in and be done. I have at least 3 days left at internship, but I'm not worried about that at all. I love being there, so it's no big deal to finish that up. Today is daycare day. Hopefully we'll be low, since it's getting close to the holidays.

The big drama right now is that my nose is so stopped up that I can't breathe when I'm lying down. I had to kinda prop myself up last night, and ended the night trying to sleep sitting up on my couch. That's the second night that it's been like this, and I really don't want to deal with another one like these.

In better news, I lost another pound this week. That makes 19.4 total! Hopefully next week I'll get a 20 pound sticker. Woohoo! I think I need to go buy yarn to celebrate. =)

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