Monday, March 26, 2007

I thought I had a few years...

...before my kids started taking my credit card. I left this on the couch after signing up for Netflix (more about that later) and Riley decided to walk off with it. Smart dog. =)

I finished these socks last Thursday when I was at Threaded Bliss. They fit really well, and he seems to like them. He did say that he was afraid to wear them, but I didn't make them to be looked at. The yarn is Lana Grossa, color 1008 (I think...the Italian's throwing me off). I also finished my Monkey socks (except for weaving in the ends), so I'll hopefully get pictures of those tonight.

On Saturday I went out to Montgomery Bell State Park for a fiber festival. There was a sock dying/knitting class with Charlene Schurch (!) that I *really* wish I had known about. That would've been awesome to take. There weren't as many vendors as I'd hoped, but I did get a skein of really pretty yarn. I bought the Roses n Thyme colorway from Knitting Notions (it's actually the colorway that's knitted up in the baby sweater at the top). I'm not usually much of a pink person, but I like the way the pinks and greens work together. I'm also planning on ordering a swift from them, due to the fact that the one my dad made (twice) still results in tangled yarn when it's used. I spent a few hours unknotting yarn last night, but I'm very grateful that it wasn't as knotted as it could've been.
For my next pair of socks, I'm using the color Sweet from Sunshine Yarns, which was the February colorway for her 2007 Sock club. I'm going to make the Dublin Bay Socks (link goes to the pattern PDF, but there's a picture). It's very spring-y, so that makes me excited. I'm also going to use size 1 needles for the first time, hurray!
I guess that's about it for today. I should hopefully know something about comps scores this week, and Riley takes his Delta test on Saturday. Let's hope everything goes well!

Oh, and I need some help. I recently signed up for Netflix, and I need help making my movie list. I made it through the 80's and 90's without seeing lots of the big important movies, so odds are that if you like it, I haven't seen it (I did see the Princess Bride about 100 times, so that may be the exception). Any movie suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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