Saturday, March 17, 2007

New girl in town...

Meet Hope. Hope is the newest addition to the family. She lived with some of my dad's tenants, and he convinced them to give her to us. I'm not totally sure where she originally came from, but I know she was pretty sick for awhile. She seems to be in good health now (she hasn't been to the vet yet), and she is so sweet. She's smart, too. She knows her name, and is really good about coming when she's called. She's a lot calmer than Riley, but I still think she has a lot of spunk. She and Riley got to running around today, and I think they like each other. They're pretty close size wise, so I hope they'll be good friends. Hope hasn't met my dad's cat yet, so we'll see how that goes. Riley and I will definitely have to visit her a lot!

Speaking of Riley, he's still running the house around here. He likes to look out the window, but I don't let him do that too much. He tends to get excited when people walk by, and I'd rather him not bark at people and cause a disruption like that. Riley also loves it when I take pictures of us. =) He went to the nursing home last weekend on a Delta visit, and he did *so well.* I was exreely impressed with how well he did, and we had some good visits with the residents. He was very still and let me hold him a lot longer than he normally would, and loved having people pet on him. He also rode an elevator for the first time, which kinda freaked him out. His legs sprawled everywhere and he hit the ground when the floor started moving, but he did fine. I just think it surprised him. He didn't hesitate getting on at all, so it must not have been too big of a deal to him.

I finished Trogdor awhile ago, but I didn't get around to posting pictures. The pattern was posted on, and the author's blog is here. I was really pleased with how it turned out, and I'm glad that it really does look like the real Trogdor from!

I'm on my second spring break right now, because grad school spring break and middle school spring break weren't at the same time. I need to do some work this week, but I also plan on doing a decent amount of knitting. I started working on the Central Park Hoodie from the Fall issue of KnitScene. I'm using Cascade 220 in a periwinkle color. I think it'll be really pretty. I missed knitting at the library this month due to comps, so that made me sad. I'm thinking on going to some knitting meetings this next week since I won't be at internship all day long.

So I guess there's not too much to update...I keep thinking about things I should write, but then I forget when I actually have time to update. Heh. Basically lately life has been all about comps, but now that it's over I just have to go back to writing other papers. I seriously can't believe that it's mid-March already. It'll be graduation time before I know it (yay!).

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