Tuesday, April 10, 2007

There's a first time for everything...

I have the influenza. I don't think I've ever officially had it before, although there were times that I wondered. I knew when I spiked a fever that something was definitely wrong, because that's really rare for me. I may feel bad and have sinus stuff, but never a fever. It topped out today at 102.2, before I dragged myself off the couch to down some advil. I have a renewed love for advil gelcaps, because they have gotten the fever down some, and make me feel like I might actually not die. The sweats/chills junk isn't cool though.

I was dreading the TCAP (standardized testing) process, but at this point I cannot wait to get back and count answer sheets. I guess that's what I get for complaining about it.

I forget if I mentioned that I finished my Monkey socks. They've been done awhile, but I haven't taken a picture. I'm planning on ordering some sock blockers, but the person that makes them is out of town right now. They're going to make me an extra-small size, so that'll be nice. I'm currently working on my Dublin Bay socks in Sweet by Sunshine Yarns, and the Central Park Hoodie. I finished the back and one of the fronts, and am only on the second ball of yarn. I love that Cascade 220 goes such a long way. The hope is that I'll have some extra yarn that I can switch out. I think I've also decided to make a mitered square blanket from Mason-Dixon knitting. It seems that other people (*cough*enablers*cough*) have started on the mitered bandwagon, so I'm going to too. I have some yarn money left over from birthday/Valentines, and the Easter bunny brought me a little too. So, the next thing to make will be a mitered square afghan out of Tahki cotton classic.

So the laptop feels like a furnace, so I'm going to go sleep some more. Riley's been keeping watch over me today, and has been stopping to look over at me every time I move or turn over. He's a good boy.


Grandma Barb said...

Hi Julie-
Hope you're feeling better - that flu is not nice. Missed you at Guild last night. Those socks are adorable - I like that yarn site too. Take care,


knitting2relax said...

Hi Julieanne - I hope you feel better soon! Thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing me well.