Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another year down...

First of all, I'd like to say thank you for all the birthday wishes, both on facebook and livejournal. =) I had a very good birthday. I was in the classroom during internship today, and my supervisor told our second class that it was my birthday. They all sang to me, which kinda embarrassed me. After we left, we had to go back in the first class because "someone didn't finish their test." Actually, I think that was a set up, because as soon as I walked in the whole class yelled "Happy Birthday, Ms. Julie!" then proceeded to sing. It was really cute. During lunch Tara brought out a cake (which was really good), and I even got some presents! The lunch group got me some yarn, and Dominique (the other counselor) gave me one of those mini sharpies and some of the new 100 Calorie Hershey bar things. I really wasn't expecting anything, so it made me feel really special that they went out of the way to do all that for me.

I came home and laid around a bit, before I headed out to pick up my pizza. This is the first Papa John's pizza I've had since I started Weight Watchers last July. It was SO GOOD. I have to admit that over the course of the night I ate the whole thing (it was a small, so that's not too bad). I'm really full now, so that might not've been the best idea, but oh well. It was good. =)

I was planning to rant a bit yesterday about my future, but I forgot. I'll do it now. So it seems that there is a list out there that shows which schools are eligible for Interim positions (that's where you get hired without a license, with the understanding that you'll get it within a certain period of time). I was hoping to get one of these positions next year, since I'll have a Masters degree and all the course work except for internship. That way I could be working and be paid, as well as finish up my school internship. It seems that nother department at Vanderbilt had some big major discussion (without consulting anyone in my program), and decided that their students weren't qualified for Interim positions. The result was that Vanderbilt was taken off the list. So the way things stand now, I can't even apply or interview for these positions, because Vanderbilt is not on the list of qualified schools or whatever. I get the reason for students not being ready to work in the field while they're still in school, but there are those of us that will be qualified (due to having a degree) who won't even get a chance at these positions now. I'm going to stay on top of this situation, and hopefully things will change before it really impacts me. But still, it's just really irritating and stressful to know that something has to change for me to even have a chance at a job next year. If it really comes down to it, I'm going to do my 20 hours a week of internship and hope an agency will hire me part time to do groups or see a few individual clients. I'll make it work somehow, but it would be nice if I had more options.

In happier news, CONGRATULATIONS!! to Cassidy Riley, who made his ECW wrestling debut tonight. Scott called me freaked out telling me to change the channel, and there was Cassidy! This is who Riley's named after, and it was great to see him getting a hance to be on national TV. Good job Cassidy! Hope to see you on TV more often!


Sula said...


Happy Birthday, old woman! (Just kidding of course. But you do knit...)

Sula said...

I miss you Julie! ;)