Friday, January 12, 2007

It seems that this letter took the scenic route...

Please notice the date in today's picture...20 Nov 2006. This is what was posted on the invitation to Marisa's wedding. Obviously, I didn't RSVP by December 1, 2006. =) It seems that the zip code was one number off, so the letter ended up taking almost two months to get here. I can't remember ever getting a letter like this, where I got it so long after the original sent date.

So here's a quick recap of my day. I went to WW, and gained .6 pounds. That's ok though, because I know I drank more coke zero (and therefore less water) than I should've, and also that it was my first week back to school. I'll take care of it next week. I went to daycare for 3 hours, then headed to class. I'm taking Counseling Diverse Populations, and it'll meet for 3 weekends. I was dreading the class, but if tonight is any indication of the rest of the class then I think I'll really enjoy it. So far it was more of an experiential class as opposed to a "let's read from the book and highlight" class. We're going to have lots of speakers, which is always good. I have to do 10 hours of experiential learning, which means I have to go to/do things different from my culture. I'm hoping to go with my friend Crystal to a deaf church, and I think I may go eat at a Japanese restaurant. I need to figure out a few more hours, but that should be a pretty fun part of the class.

So that's about it. I have class until 5pm tomorrow (thankfully the hours we were sent are longer than we'll actually be in class). Let's hope things go as well as they did today!

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