Sunday, January 07, 2007

Go Toppers!

Today's picture is of me and my friend Lisa. Lisa and I met at the daycare where we both worked. She and her band were playing at French Quarter tonight, and I went to watch the show. They all did a great job, and I hope I'll get to see them perform again soon.

Now for the big news. Scott's going back to school! He called me yesterday and told me that he'd been accepted at Western Kentucky, which is where he did most of his undergrad work. He's going to be taking one class, which is all he could get into this semester. He only needs 5 or 6 upper level classes, so they may be offered certain semesters and not others. Anyway, I'm really excited and proud of him for deciding to finish up his degree. I want him to walk at graduation, but I don't know if he'll decide to do that or not. Yay for Scott!

I didn't do much today except sit around and knit. Scott came over for a few hours before he headed out to his wrestling show. In our typical exciting way, we sat around and watched a House episode he hadn't seen. I'm so ready for all my shows to come back with new episodes!

The first Harry Potter movie is on right now. I absolutely love those movies. I found a yarn dyer that sells a set of 4 skeins based on the dragons that are involved during the Goblet of Fire quest. They're really pretty, and I love it when one thing I really enjoy overlaps with another. Maybe that can be my graduation present to myself. =)

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